When Kane was working with John Cena and Zack Ryder earlier in the year, I worried.  It was great that he brought the mask back, but things were just getting a little weird and cheesey with the whole "embrace the hate" storyline.  Since then, Kane hasn't exactly been the monster heel most fans expected when he put his mask back on.  Despite that, Kane has been a ton of fun over the last few months.  His run with CM Punk, AJ, and Daniel Bryan especially has been highly entertaining.

Sure, he continues to lose, most notably at SummerSlam to Daniel Bryan.  But after his recent stint in anger management, shown on Raw, how could he possibly not be on this list?  This quote alone makes him awesome: 

I grew up locked in a basement suffering severe psychological and emotional scarring when my brother set my parents on fire.  From there, I sifted around among a series of mental institutions until I was grown… at which point I buried my brother alive… twice.  Since then, I've set a couple of people on fire and abducted various co-workers.  Oh, and I… once electrocuted a man's testicles. 

 Years ago I had a girlfriend named Katie, but let's just say that didn't turn out too well.  My real father is a man called Paul Bearer, who I recently trapped in a meat locker.  I've been married, divorced, broke up my ex wife's wedding and tombstoned the priest.  And for reasons never quite explained, I have an unhealthy obsession with tombstoning Pete Rose.  

That segment dies without Kane's comedic talents.