On almost a daily basis, people ask me why I watch wrestling.  Usually, I answer them with generic winners like "I love the stories they tell and the athleticism I see" or "i respect the abilities of all the performers to be actors, athletes, comedians, improv artists, and more all at the same time".  Not compelling stuff, I know.  It's not very often that someone who doesn't watch will even remotely buy what I'm selling.  To be honest, that's probably because most of the time, I don't buy what I'm selling. 

Yes, I'm a fan and a writer of professional wrestling, but I'd be hardpressed to tell you that I love everything I see on WWE of TNA TV.  As Alberto Del Rio would say, but you already knew that.  You read my columns and you know that I don't always impress easily.  Heck, sometimes I'm downright disappointed in something I see on TV.  Unfortunately, it's those times that I question why I'm a wrestling fan in the first place.  Then shows like last night's Money In The Bank come along, and instantly I remember.

From start to finish, last night's show was a joy to watch.  Literally everything fell into place and with a hot crowd helping it along, it became the stuff of legends.  That said, let's take it match by match and rate the booking!