Now that National Signing day is over, we can take a step back and look at what each SEC school did and where they rank among their conference piers. Who knew that Jerry Sandusky would have his own national holiday. You might ask yourself where this one going, this is the only day all year long that grown men can obsess about high school boys without going to jail for it. (i.e. Jerry Sandusky National Holiday- to soon...probably so, but we couldn’t resist). Hey, I am one of those grown men one day a year that follows where these kids go, and especially the ones that go to my alma-matter Tennessee. That is where the obsession stops though.

Our followers know where we stand on the whole recruiting process, and that is it is a joke. We have proved that recruiting stars do not mean jack with previous articles and research we have done. I will give these recruiting sites credit, in that the recruiting rankings in the last few years have been more accurate than in previous years. You will always have your exceptions, but as a whole they have been correct. But hey, it’s the system that we have and we will utilize it on our site as we rank the SEC schools from bottom to top.

Let’s dive in to those recruiting rankings, and rank the SEC from bottom to top. We will start at 14 and finish at number 1.