There is no denying that Zack Ryder is funny. All anyone needs to do is watch his Youtube series to see that he understands how to make people laugh. It’s one of the reasons he got over and in essence became the WWE’s Andy Samberg. Unfortunately, as much as he understands how to make people laugh, he isn’t a strong performer. His acting is very much subpar, his delivery at least on TV reeks of phoniness, and in the ring he is downright boring. He can wrestle, but he’s not ultra impressive and he fails to transfer his comedic chops into the ring during his matches. It is a shame because as I stated before, he seems to have a great understanding of comedy and a knack for knowing what will elicit a chuckle. The only thing betraying him at the moment is his performance.

All that said, I still think he can be one of, if not the most valuable comedic character on WWE TV. He just needs a little character tweak that will excuse his “forced” and “phony” performance. Like I said before, I like to think of Zack as the WWE’s Andy Samberg. I lamented weeks ago that the WWE has become a sketch comedy show, and afterward I started thinking it would be fun to have a character on the program that treated each week as a sketch comedy show. Have Zack Ryder brainstorm a series of comedic characters to go along with his “Broski” character. Let him do a different character each week on TV. Make his character, a goofy sketch comedian, whose only goal is to get laughs from the WWE Universe. Hell, pair him up with a couple of other superstars to create a Sketch Comedy Troupe. Right now on TV, Zack isn’t nearly as funny as he is online. I want to give him a character that will allow him to stretch his comedic legs, while still being interesting to the audience. Plus I think it would be funny to have a new character that performs as multiple characters on a weekly basis.