She's ten races old in terms of NASCAR Sprint Cup "age," having distinguished herself as a premier facility for competitive stock car racing since 2001. While she looks like a cookie cutter to the naked eye, on the surface, Kansas Speedway is a competitive track which promotes double-wide racing all around in approximately quick 29 to 31 second laps.

Measuring 1.5 miles in length, Kansas Speedway has turns measured at 15 degrees, which isn't quite flat but not the intermediate monster that Charlotte Motor Speedway or the plate mammoths in Daytona and Talladega. However, don't dismiss her as a tame Sunday afternoon drive.

Instead, she's the kind of lady who's beautiful and pristine at first, but get on her nerves, and she'll make you look foolish courtesy of a spin or even worse, a meeting with her parents aka the outside retaining SAFER barrier.

Track position and handling are the primary names of the game here, as a good qualifying effort leads to optimum pit road selection. That's not to say that an off-day in qualifying means you can't win on Sunday.

Just ask Mark Martin and Tony Stewart, who started 19th and 21st in their respective races in 2005 and '06. Their cars were particularly stout during race day, which translated to a trip to Victory Lane.

Additionally, drivers and teams have to be cognizant of fuel mileage. Consider how Jimmie Johnson was the class of the field during the race in 2006, only to lose it becuase of his car chewing up just too much fuel towards the conclusion of that year's 400-miler.

So you're probably competing in a fantasy racing league and wondering who to pick for Sunday's inaugural STP 400?

Just because this is the first time the "second" Kansas race will be contested doesn't mean you can't consider the faces who've challenged for this track's fall classic.

If you know where this is leading, then you've got the inside edge with this week's edition of "Going Green!"