Welcome to the first ever slideshow done by Kissing The Canvas. It deals with a topic that has been big this weekend, and that topic is Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.The son of the legend won his first major title by beating Sebastain Zbik and taking his WBC 160 pound title in the process. Chavez improved his record, a very empty one, to 43-0-1 (30 KO) with the win.I don't wanna talk about this over and over, so I will say I thought Zbik won the fight. He didn't get robbed, as he tired down the stretch, but I thought he was the better fighter on Saturday night.Am I surprised by the scoring, no not at all. This was what I expected and it is what it is. The question now is, what does JCC Jr. do from here? There have been plenty of names thrown around so right now it is up in the air as to who he will fight next.These are the five guys that I think have a legitimate shot to face Chavez Jr. in his next fight.