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Celtics will beat Cleveland in Six



Celtics will beat Cleveland in Six




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  • I gotta say...I agree with you on the Celts beating the Cavs in 6; however, I can't see them winning it all, not with Orlando and the Lakers, even Phoenix, still left.

  • Phoenix is all offense and the Celtics defense is too good to allow them to run a muck like that. Rondo will neutralize Steve Nash. Celtics will beat Orlando I have no doubt about that. And do I need to remind you of what the Celtics did to those same Lakers in 2008. yes this is not 2008, but Rondo is much better and his final line for that championship game six final; 26points. 8 rebounds and 8 assists. All this without the knowledge he now possesses. The Lakers are having trouble beating the Thunder they got blown out in OKC when OKC doesn't have an center that can bring the size Bynum has? Please

  • The Lakers also had trouble beating Houston last year before they won it all, so don't be fooled by their troubles with OKC, a very good team with an all time level talent. Also, you mentioned what Rondo did in 2008 and how much better he is now than back then...this is very true, but KG is way worse now than he was then and he's the key to their entire team. I can't see them beating an Orlando team that just blew past Charlotte with their two best players playing like garbage. I do agree the Celtics will beat Cleveland, I think they are massively overrated.

  • Changing your tune on Cleveland huh Matt??? Interesting......In m opinion the Lakers are/were better suited for a long playoff run with Ariza than Artest .....i also believe San Antonio will represent the West in the finals....which i have stated all season/preseason.......wait....OKC has an "all time" talent level? Huh? seems to be cheapening the term "all time" just a little, tiny bit.

  • Tito, you don't believe Durant is going to be one of the best players of all time? That's what I mean by OKC having an "all time level talent." A seasoned basketball viewer such as yourself should know he's a hall of fame talent that will be 1a to Lebron's 1. Not changing my tune on Cleveland, I just don't think Cleveland can keep relying on Lebron to carry them. Also, don't forget I said Boston would win the East if healthy...well, they weren't healthy all year and were terrible. They seem to be gelling at just the right time. I've always respected Boston and I think they will win the series, but won't beat Orlando.

  • Tito when your "best point guard in the East" was going against the real best point guard in the East Rose averaged 20 points 6 assists and 6 rebounds as a rookie and pushed your mighty Celtics to 7 games. How did the Celtics do last night when they had an 11 point lead at half?

  • your are bringing up the 2009 playoff series??? really??? Well look at Rondos numbers...if i remember correctly, he averaged (or came very close to) a triple double FOR THE SERIES!!!!!! and in game 6, when Rondo had 19 assists and ZERO turnovers...he was pee'ing on Rose so badly they had to switch Rose to defend Ray Allen...who subsequently scored 51 points...look at Roses Assist to turnovers,,,they are preposturous for a sir, are a complete buffoon if you think Rose is better than the Bulls 4 losses in that series Rose averaged a paltry 12 pts and 4 assist and a boatload of turnovers...Rondo took him behind the woodshed and spanked him.....LOL @ YOU!!!!!! far as the Celtics lossing yesterday, yeah, that sucks, they blew the game on the road to the team with the best record in basketball....hey, by the way bro, who are the Bulls playing this round? I cant seem to find it anywhere on TV or Espn

  • Tito you are the one who brought up last year's playoff series. You might be losing you memory a little bit because Ben Gordon & Hinrich were matched up on Ray Allen that game which was a triple overtime game could Rose had some time defending but not the majority of it. How does assists mean he was beating on Rose, Rondo had only 8 points that game Rondo 9.8 assists 3 turnovers while Rose had 6 assists and 2.8 turnovers. Bulls don't have anywhere near the shooters the Celtics have, you put Rose on that team and he might be getting 15 assists a night

  • Gibbs has a point here. Especially after game 1 where LBJ hit 37 with 1 1/2 arms. Cleveland is just too deep on the bench and they will shoot more threes than in game 1 to open things up like they did against Chicago. But Gibbs, that series did give me alot of respect for Rose. Just imagine next season if you guys get D Wade.

    • I would actually prefer Joe Johnson over Wade because he is a better outside shooter and would space the floor better for Rose and I think Wade is going to start to break down. I just don't get her argument. He says the Cavs can't stop Rondo then mentions Big Baby or Ticket Stub or whatever he is being called from game to game but what about the OLD big three

  • I understand her argument perfectly.......Hey see Rondo tonight, on the road..13 pts 19 Celtic has ever gotten 19 assists in a playoff game...oh wait, im wrong, Rondo did it last year when he crapped on Rose.....series tied 1-1....a close game and a blowout by the go crawl back in your hole