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Dude, Start watching Nascar



Dude, Start watching Nascar




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  • That was the best 60 seconds I seen from you yet Tito, Funny shit!... I like the Steal your face tattoo. But Nascar is pretty cool.. Just don't Root for Kyle Busch he is a horses ASS!

  • Geez Raider Mike, who do you support in NASCAR? if your gonna tell me your a JR fan I will lose all respect...As if be a RaiderFan wasnt hard enough

  • Hell no I don't like whinny drivers, I am a huge Jeff Gordon fan, because he's from my neck of the woods Nor-Cal, plus he's one of the best ever, he has slowed down the last couple of years but he's got a shot at the cup this year!. I hate Kyle B. Cause he thinks he's the shit but really hasn't won shit except all the small races before Sunday races. When it comes to the chase he chokes!...kinda like the Eagles And Bills.

  • Come on RaiderMike Gordon has driven in 3x the amount of races Kyle has driven and probably doesnt have that many more Ws...Listen, Kyle said it best after Bristol..I dont care if some weeks I'm the Villain, other Weeks I'm the hero...I was born to race hard and thats what I'll do each week. Consider him like Ocho Cinco or T.O. He likes to run his mouth. And another thing, Does Jeff Gordo race trucks? Shrub races them all. You really think a guy like Carl Edwards races better than Kyle Busch? Have you have seen a restart and watched Kyle Busch go from 12th to 5th after 2 turns? Where in NoCal are you? I have alot of peeps in the Bay

  • Hey MPH I hate K.B. because his style and his character as a pro, The rest of the field never talks the shit or cause wrecks like he does. Jeff Gordon is a class act and he is Nor-Cal product, I'm Near the city of Sacramento where the Kings (NBA) play. Anyway I am a season ticket holder for the last 5 years on the Books and have not missed a game in Oakland in 14 years until last Monday Vs. Chargers was my first game I didn't go to cause I had enough and pawned them off for the season to a friend. I am have had enough. I hope they get it done soon in a 5 year window but if they don't I'll start to switch to something else. And Let go of the good ole' days since I was a child and in my later years,I will always watch them on TV but no throwing money at crap product on the field. things may change and I'll be pissed I still can go anytime. Anyway that's cool there is a variety of fans here that are season tix holders. Like T. and Pats23 and you and a few others I'm sure.

  • MPH

    posted almost 5 years ago

    Do not advertise you have season tix to the Queens! And another thing Mike, I guarantee you KB will be riding hard the rest of season..He could win NewHampshire and please Jeff Gordo is always bitching about his back